Eric McCoy first began working with Pro-Tools in 2002 and has quickly emerged as one of the leading producers/engineers in the region.  He is meticulous and creative and brings the same incredible work ethic to every project he undertakes.  Before beginning to record on a professional level, Eric received vast experience playing in bands and touring across the country.  In each group, he worked with the songwriters to help form the best product possible.  This has served to be the basis for his undeniable skill working with artists in the studio. He serves the song, bringing out the absolute best both in the song and the artist.  



Over the last 16 years Kenny McWilliams has helped a diverse group of bands and solo artists across the Southeast produce records that highlight their strengths and individualities as musicians.  What began as an interest in production and sound engineering has now turned into a professionally outfitted studio that is proud to host some of the most talented artists in the region.  Kenny strives to retain the artistic integrity of each of his clients while also experimenting with new approaches and techniques to the recording process.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and enjoys collaborating with each artist on musical concepts, offering a wide range of production options, and taking the time to find out what kind of recording process will best suit the project at hand.

"I love working with Eric because I trust him to put the songs first while always being willing to explore new ideas and push the songs to get the most out of them.  He is excellent as both an engineer and producer.  I highly recommend working with him on any level project, demo to full production!" 

— Jeremy Sacovich, Postcard Fiction

“Recording with Kenny at Archer Avenue Studio encouraged us towards making a record that we are extremely happy with on all levels.  In addition to being excellent at his craft, Kenny is a competent and experienced musician who can help artists realize and accomplish their vision for any style of recording.  He is invested in his work and it shows.  This was true for us to the extent that I would consider him an additional member on the album.  After recording 4 very different records in scope and sound with Kenny, I would certainly recommend him to anyone.”

— Austin Crane, Valley Maker