Where artists make records that highlight who they are as musicians and push the boundaries of what they thought possible 




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We have an assortment of vintage and modern gear for every client to find what works for their vision.


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Combined, Kenny and Eric have worked with over 250 local, regional, and national artists.



These companies have been kind enough to endorse us and/or give us artist pricing.


What I love most about the guys at Archer Avenue is not only their ability to get amazing sounds, but their desire to push the artist creatively, to make the strongest record they can. They genuinely love music and the art of making albums...”


Various Artists:

  • All Get Out

  • Valley Maker

  • Finnegan Bell

  • Alarm Drum

  • Real Work

  • The Root Doctors

  • Cayla Fralick 


  • Jeremy Sakovich / Postcard Fiction

  • The Runout

  • Dead Swells

  • Stagbriar

  • Prettier Than Matt

  • The Reggie Sulivan Band

  • Baumer

  • Danielle Howle

  • Dempsey

  • The Lovely Few

  • OCNS

  • Barnwell

  • Russo

  • Ropeswing Marathon

Recently renovated and designed by Wes Lachot, the control room is a perfect listening and working environment for creating professional recordings and mixes.  This Pro-Tools equipped studio also boasts a wide variety of industry standard microphones, mic preamps and other outboard equipment as well as a unique collection of unconventional gear, boutique amps, cabinets, drum kits, basses and guitars. Two full-time engineers/producers have the experience and creativity to craft authentic and interesting recordings to suit each clients' needs.  Their quality of work and attention to detail will allow your project to sonically rival recordings done in studios all across the country.

Whether you are looking for creative and innovative production and engineering from start to finish, or a professional mix of the record you’ve started, Archer Avenue is the studio for you.