While most of these always live in the studio, if there are particular drums/cymbals you want to use for your session please check with us ahead of time to make sure they are currently here.

1964 Vintage Ludwig Kit:
17"x22" Kick
16"x16" Floor Tom
10"x13" Rack Tom

Ayotte Drum Smith Kit:
17"x22" Kick Drum
5.5"x14" Snare Drum
8.5"x10" Rack Tom
10"x12" Rack Tom
12.5"x14" Floor Tom
14"x16" Floor Tom

Vintage Slingerland (1960's):
14"x22" Kick Drum
10"x12" Rack Tom
14"x16" Floor Tom

Ludwig Vintage Supraphonic Snare Drum 5.5"x14"
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum 6.5"x14"
Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum (Maple) 6.5"x14"
Gretsch Hand Hammered Snare Drum 8"x14"
Gretsch Maple Snare Drum 8"x14"
Vintage Kent Snare Drum 5.5"x14"
Tama Imperialstar Aluminum Snare Drum 5.5"x14"
Mapex Efx Snare Drum 6"x10"
Tama Piccalo Snare Drum 3"x14"

Zildjian A Custom 14" High Hats
Zildjian Z Custom 14" High Hats
Zildjian A Custom 21" Sweet Ride 
Zildjian A  20" Crash Ride 
Istanbul Sultan 18" Crash
Paiste Giant Beat 24" Ride
Paiste Giant Beat 20" Crash
Paiste Giant Beat 18" Crash
Paiste Giant Beat 15" High Hats
Paiste Dark Energy 22" Ride
Paiste Dark Energy 19" Crash
Paiste Dark Energy 18" Crash
Paiste Dark Energy 14" High Hats

Many miscellaneous hand drums and percusion (shakers, tamborines, wood blocks, cowbells, etc...)