While most of these always live in the studio, if there's a particular amplifier you want to use for your session please check with us ahead of time to make sure it is currently here.

Vox AC30 H2L (Hand-wired, African Mahogany combo w/ 2 Celestion Blues)
1969 Marshall 50 watt Head 1987 model
Budda Stringmaster Head
Budda Superdrive 30 Series 1 Head
Morgan AC20 Deluxe Head
Fender Bassman 59 LTD
1974 Fender Bassman 50 Head
Fender Pro Junior
Amplified Nation Dirty Wonderland Head (100 Watt Dumble Clone)

Morgan 1x12 W/ Celestion Blue CAB
Mesa 2x12 W/ Vintage 30s CAB
Avatar 2x12 W/ Celestion G12-65 CAB
ENGL 4x12 W/ Greenbacks CAB
VHT 2x10 W/ Vintage 10's CAB
Custom made 2x12 W/ Tone Tubby Alnico CAB
Custom made 2x12 W/ Vintage 30's CAB

Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Head
Ampeg SVT 6x10 Bass Cab

Many miscellaneous pedals and effects...